Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday in Ireland

Another Irish breakfast, this time buffet style to accommodate the crowd. It seems like a vacation spot for the Irish. Then headed to the spa to go into the outdoor Jacuzzi. However it was raining pretty hard and I didn’t like it. Also the spa was fully booked for the weekend. Now after much needed showers we are headed to the place of Janice’s heritage, Langford. At least we thought we were – decided to take the sea side roads which were very beautiful. Then, out of nowhere, the topography changed from beautiful green everywhere to only rocks, the most unusual formation of rocks everywhere – looked kind of medieval and it turns out it was – it was the Barrans – we finally had to stop even though it was raining – so we could take pictures – Janice continued to walk and found the sea at the end of the rocks. It was really the most amazing sight. We were so astounded by the sites it took us at least 2 hours to drive probably 10 miles.

Then the houses started appearing, very sparsely at first, but up on the top was a building of sky blue – and we stopped there – turned out to be the most fabulous pub – now run by a 4th generation son – started in early 1960’s and there are dollar bills posted on the walls, all signed by different visitors. There are also American police patches from many cities – one from Phoenix, and another shelf of American sports caps – one from the cardinals. Very cool – we had a bowl of chowder which was very good, being on the seaside and all. The owner was great – asking us what we would do to make the changes in the bar that he wanted to – should he move this wall? How about putting a small alcove under the stairs, and so on. Truly a delightful stop.

Then on and on we drove – until we were rather tired and definitely needed food. It was 7:30 and we weren’t sure where we were going to end up for the night so we stopped in ….. at an Italian restaurant for dinner – turns out it’s an Italian sort of town – after dinner we tried to get a room at a couple of b and b’s in town but no luck, so we began driving again. Soon we ended up at the bayside area and went to a very large hotel there – but they only had rooms for 85 euro per person for the night and wouldn’t deal since there was a wedding there for the weekend. We had seen a few b and b’s on the way so we started back and happened on the most beautiful sub division I guess you would call it – huge beautiful houses on lots of green land overlooking the sea – but the two b and b there were not home. We finally did find someone home but no rooms – the wedding in town and all – so she sent us back to the main road and we tried a few more down the road to no avail. Finally we found one that had two separate rooms and there we went. Sue got an internet connection and posted everything from the trip before this day. Janice crashed.

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