Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moving Day - kind of

I woke up at 5ish - to finish getting organized for the movers, who arrived at 8:15 am. 3 hours later all my worldly possessions were stored in a 10 x 10 space and locked tight. Hard to believe after 53 years, I am able to reduce my stuff to that. Yes, I've either sold, consigned, given away or donated most of my stuff. Why? Because it was time. It was just stuff and really didn't hold any meaning to me anymore. Oh there is some stuff that does, and that's what is in the storage unit. My bed and the entertainment center - that's all the furniture I have left and I wouldn't have the EC if it would have sold, but it's too beautiful to give away. So, now, wherever I land, I will have something to sleep on, something to put stuff in and a flat screen TV to watch. What more does one need really?

It's 5pm and I only have two rooms left to go through - two big rooms - the kitchen - and my bedroom - well, the bathroom is the big thing there - but it will get done before the night is over. I'll have a comfy place to sleep - on Rich and Meryl's couch, then back here at 7am to meet the cleaning crew and move any last boxes into storage before I head up to my next place - Sedona.

Paris has been hiding in the closet since her bed was sold on Friday. She's my rescue dog who is very scared and has spent most of the last 18 months since she arrived here under the guest bed. So when that left, she made her way to the closet - the first time she hid there it took me 20 minutes to find her. Sterling is passed out on the floor, having chased all the insects away and rifled through as much garbage as he could before I found him. Tomorrow they will get to frolic in their new fenced in back yard (I said fenced, not walled in) where the temperature is 20 degrees cooler during the day and 40 degrees cooler at night - we are all very happy about that.

Time for my break to be over and go tackle the next room.

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