Monday, May 4, 2009

What I'm up to

So, now that I've posted my Estate Sale, everyone wants to know what's up? Am I moving? Where am I going? What happened? The answer is simple. I'm going on an adventure.

I've known for a while that there was a major shift coming in my life and it was going to occur around the end of May when my lease was up. I didn't know what, so just listened. My 90 day review at the JCC was about to occur and I was hopeful that they would give me the money I asked for when they hired me. I also needed health benefits since mine were expiring in June. I came up with a very creative proposal. The CEO and my boss has been telling me what a great job I was doing and how impressed they had been with the classes and speakers I scheduled, so I thought for sure they were going to do something. But the answer was no all the way around. I was actually surprised because we had talked about it when I was hired. But I knew I could no longer affored to stay there. So that part was done. I just had to wait for the rest of it to appear.

I needed to get away and figure it out, so I decided to go to Sedona for the weekend. I asked my friend Michelle, who knows everyone, if she knew anyone for me to connect with there. She said I must get in touch with karen. I called Karen to tell her I was coming up and we needed to meet. She said she wished we could but she was coordinating a workshop and had the speaker coming in from out of town (her business is coordinating spiritual retreats, workshops and tours). I said I probably needed to be at the workshop - then asked what it was. "Past Life Regression" was the response and I decided that would be good, so off I went.

The long and short of it was that we started talking about doing work together and she told me about the Spiritual Journey she was coordinating to Glastonbery, England, Stonehendge, etc. She put me in touch with Ronna, who was leading the journey - I met with Ronna and one thing led to another - next thing I know I'm going to England.

So, June 1 I will be moving up to Sedona for the month. I'll be back in Phoenix at the end of June for a week, then start my European journey - my friend Janice is going with me on the journey and we want to go to Ireland first - and I've been being pulled to Italy.

I also decided that I didn't have a need for my "things" any more and by selling them, I would get the money I needed to finance my journey. It started out as - ok, I'll sell the sofa. Then - I don't really need the bedroom furniture - I can keep the guest room furniture. Little by little, I gave everything up - all the furniture - except the guest bed, the crystal, the art pieces and pictures. It has become this wonderful game where I just see how much money each item is going to bring me. It's also very freeing. Most of this "stuff" is from my wedding and the marriage over the years. I was done with that 3 years ago, and now I'm done with the stuff associated with it.

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