Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being Recognized at the Grocery Store .........

They say that the first sign of knowing you have really arrived in a new town is when you see someone you know in the grocery store. Well, that happened on Monday - actually, she recognized me - I didn't have a clue who she was even after she told me her name - but as she started talking I realized she was in my writing class. I guess this is how small the Village is - only two weeks and I've been recognized.

Just got back from my morning walk - the third day in a row - up to 45 minutes! I don't have much time to get in shape for the trip where I know we will be doing a lot of walking and climbing.

I went to a women's house in Cottonwood last night - she and her guy were talking about What Women Need To Know About Men. Pretty interesting stuff. Some I already knew and some helped me to realize why I had arguments in the past. Men and Women's brains are soooo different.

Last night I went to a mixer at the yoga studio. Met a lot of nice people and had some very healthy food.

I'll be in Phoenix from July 1 - the morning of the 4th when Janice and I leave for Ireland. Lynn will be arriving a couple days before to take care of my puppies. Paris saw an animal healer over the weekend and she's making really good progress.

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