Thursday, June 18, 2009

Elvis is Alive and Living in Sedona

I swear. I saw Elvis today at the Fedex store when I went to pick up my mail. He had the wig/hairdo, tight white pants, the Elvis shoes, glasses - but no belt. What's up with that? He was trying to sell his CD to the clerk for $10 but he had no takers. Who knew Elvis couldn't even sell a $10 CD?

Looking forward to my weekend visitors - Janice is coming to go to the Summer Solstice event, then Doreen arrives on Sunday for a quick overnight. Love those visitors. Next weekend is Meryl, Allie and her friend before they go to Prescott for camp - then Meryl and I get to spend a girls weekend. Yeah!

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  1. Well my friend, I am going to try and follow this to keep up with you...we will see what happens.

    XO- SueF