Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday evening

Had dinner with my friend Karen at a great Thai restaurant that is right at the corner of my street. Tomorrow going to have lunch with Marion (the women whose house I spent a week at after my divorce - she and her husband run a retreat) in Cottonwood and then to Walmart! Have to drive there to get to one - about 20 minutes away. Tomorrow night is a new moon celebration (this is Sedona) and Sunday I get to check out the dog parks - one in the Village where I live and one in W Sedona. So, I'm slowly settling down to real life again - loving the weather

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  1. Hi Sue,
    how in the world did you decide to uproot and change your life so fast? Last I heard you were working at the "J" in Adult Activities! It sounds like you are going to Europe too, very soon! Do you plan on living there for a while?
    I remember feeling the same way after my divorce in 1981, & I moved and changed my whole life too & never looked back!
    Hugs, Sandi G