Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the only constant is change - part 2

As I just said, I'm not at all upset or stressed about the fact that everything fell through. That way was not suppose to happen. I know why.

So, I got a return call from the Estate Sale lady and told her that my move fell through but one of her guys will still pick up my stuff at the same time I was planning to come yesterday. She said - do you need someone to help you move from Phoenix and I said yes. She said she has a guy with a company called "Have truck will travel" and he is hungry so he would probably give me a good deal. So, I give him a call. And guess what? he is actually going to move someone from here to Scottsdale tomorrow and he could give me a great deal if I wanted it done tomorrow - I would save $200. And it's probably the same or maybe even less by the time I rent the truck, pay for gas, hire the people on both ends, etc., not to mention we going back and forth twice in the brutal heat. And the best part - I don't even have to be there - so I can stay here and get everything ready to move in tomorrow - the first guy can deliver in the afternoon, then the other guys will come early evening and deliver everything else!!!! I'm too excited for words.

As I always say - everything happens for a reasons and exactly as it is suppose to. To be continued.......

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  1. sounds great!!! glad it worked out so well for you!! sounds lke it was even better than the first plan!!