Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the only constant is change

It was all set up. The move. Even though I'm leaving for Europe on Saturday, I still had everything set; I rented a truck, hired a couple of guys to meet me at the storage unit to load the truck, hired a guy here to pick up the furniture I purchased over the weekend at the Estate sale, then unload it all at my new house, turned on all the utilities (there are four different companies - never lived in a house with 4). I was going down this afternoon so I didn't have to leave really early in the morning - Warren was getting off work early to help me and I had to get him back by 5 so it was going to be a really quick move. I called my neighbor Connie to pick up the stuff I put in her garage, reserved Meryl's couch for tonight, made sure the dog sitter would be here so I could get to Phoenix before dark. I got a renters policy to start tomorrow. Did the walk through yesterday for my new place, got the keys, set up for the landlord to get the carpet cleaned today and the blinds fixed. Got this house all cleaned up (cleaned it myself and you know how much I love to do that), got all my stuff moved out of the bathroom and cleaned up in the bedroom and kitchen, starting putting aside things to take to the new house so I could have what I needed to sleep there tomorrow night.

Then Warren called to tell me the person who was coming in early for him was sick and in fact he had to work late so he couldn't do it. So I took a deep breath and decided to make some lunch. I thought about it and thought that it was actually better that I didn't have to run back to phoenix by 5 and I could keep the truck till Friday when I originally was going down to spend the night with Laurie and leave for Europe the next day. That would give me a couple days to unpack and get everything set up. But I was worried about driving a 26 foot truck up the hill by myself, especially since I've never driven one and had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I called a couple of friends in Phoenix to see if they were available to go along for the ride. One was not and the other was not available. Then I thought - I can do it myself since I have guys at both ends to load and unload. But I needed a realty check so I called Kate. She has done quite a bit of moving cross country renting trucks. I wanted to see if I was being a baby or my concerns were real. She assured me that indeed, it was a big deal, especially driving up the steep mountains with a truck load of stuff.

So.....plan B. It really does work out best. I'll just cancel the truck and the guys and move when I return from Europe. that will give me enough time to find someone to help me and perhaps do it on a day that is more convenient, like a weekend. It would be so much less stressful to be able to just relax and go down to Phoenix on Friday, enjoy my time with Laurie instead of being sore, tired and cranky and be fresh for the trip on Saturday. Then my friend Colleen called back and said it was a "piece of cake", she did it by herself driving 11 hours straight - she was scared at first but she did it and lived to tell about it. She was even going to make her day available tomorrow to go with me so I wouldn't have to go alone. But I thought better of it and will continue alone with Plan B.

I was able to hire a guy to pick up the estate sale furniture tomorrow and deliver it to the new house, so that takes care of that issue. I bought a queen bed for the guest room so I'll be able to sleep there tomorrow and Thursday (no TV or Internet - what will I do?)

All of this did not upset me one bit. Things happen as they are suppose to and I don't question it anymore. So, after it was all done, I took a nap! Now it's time to think about dinner.............

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