Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sedona People

I've found something new here - people don't seem to be in a hurry to return your phone calls. There are a few exceptions, but this week, I've called a women who told me to call her yesterday so I could visit the winery she works at and talk to the owner about her need for an event planner. It wasn't even my idea. She found out what I did and wanted to set this up. I called her yesterday and today and still no response. Same thing with the dog healer that is helping Paris. Calls and emails but very slow response. And then I made about 8 - 10 calls yesterday inquiring about houses to rent and I only got a return call from 2. I guess things work much slower around here.

I did see a house I really love - and I'm going to see it again tomorrow morning. The location is the selling point. It's high up on the hillside with a lot of land and hiking trails and beautiful views. It reminds me of an oasis. The living room opens to a patio surrounded by a big tree and lots of cactus so I can have an extended outdoor office. The house itself is nothing special - 2 very small bedrooms and only one bathroom. Decent recently redone kitchen and another huge room in the back. So hopefully I'll be able to get it and move in August 1.

Finished my writing class today at the synagogue. I only was able to attend two of the four sessions but it was fun to just write and meet new people. I have a meeting with the President of the Sedona Art Festival Board in the morning about possibly getting a board position.

Can't believe I am leaving here in one week. I guess I need to get ready for that. I need to read my list of things to pack for the trip, find out the weather reports in Ireland and England. I may stop in Scotland for a couple days on the way back - not sure yet. It's so close kind of a shame not to. The dog sitter arrives on Monday so I'll have Monday and Tuesday to get her used to the dogs and visa versa. From what she says, she never leaves the house - or very rarely. Doesn't have a car, so I'm sure the dogs will love that.

Meryl is coming up tomorrow and I'm excited about our girls weekend. We've never done that before. Allie and her friend Gabriella are coming too for the night and the day on Friday, then Meryl drives them to Prescott for the weekend at Brownie camp, then comes back here. This visitor thing has been great. Except for the first weekend, I've had one or two visitors each weekend and I get to spend quality time with my girlfriends.

Working on my first Wild Boomer Women Retreat which might be the first weekend in December. Depends on where I decide to hold it. More news later...........

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