Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Productively Writing

Since yesterday I've spent most of my time on my book "Letters From My Father, A Daughter's Response". I think I'm finally getting some rhythm going. Looks like it could be in final draft form by the end of the month. That only took 14 years!

Tomorrow I start a 3 week writing class - well, it meets once a week for the next three weeks. It's actually four weeks but I didn't find out about it until after the first session. I spoke with the instructor and the homework is to complete 10 three minute streams of writing - each on any subject, like the lamp, the TV or whatever you want to write about for three minutes. I'm suppose to time myself and stop at three minutes. I don't know if I'll get it all done as I've been working on my book but I'll make the attempt in the morning before my meeting and lunch with Karen. The class is at 2:00.

Found a dog park that the dogs love, especially Paris. It's actually a little park area with grass but no fence. I let her off the leash and she went running around the park like I've never seen her do. She was so happy and couldn't stop running. I'm thinking that maybe she was an up north dog before I got her (since I got her from Prescott) and she really missed being in the cool grass. She was rolling around in it and having so much fun. Of course Sterling likes anything.

Making a trip to Phoenix on Thursday. There are many things I can't find, especially a huge bag of dirty laundry, so hopefully it is in my storage locker and I didn't throw it out! Also have to get the dogie steps since Sterling can't seem to make it up on the bed. He did it a couple of times, but I think he's stopped trying and just looks at me with those sad eyes that say - mommy - pick me up. I also have many other errands to take care of so I'm looking forward to getting things done.

Oh, I found out that the bird I thought sounded like a bull frog? It is really a bull frog! My next door neighbor has a pond and every year they come and breed. Boy are they loud.

Time for bed. All this writing has got me tired.

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  1. I think that is great that you are making so much headway on your book!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!